How do I unify Pacer billing and get reports for the firm?

The Admin is in charge of keeping a payment method enabled for any charges incurred by anyone in the firm. For PACER charges, you must use your own PACER account. All PACER charges are passed-through without markup.


PLEASE NOTE: You must use a general PACER account (also referred to as a "Case Search Only" account). The following types of accounts will NOT work:

  1. a CM/ECF "Filer" account that has filing privileges, or
  2. a PAA account used for billing purposes. 

If you do not have a Case Search Only Pacer account, you can quickly get one here on PACER's website.


A spending report of the firm's usage is available for the Admin at any time, and in real time. Simply click on the icon in the top right of the screen, next to your name (shown above). This will take you to the Order History page for the most recent month. You will see the usage details of all members of the corporate account. You can download a CSV file at any time to sort by client code, purchaser, or any other field available.

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