How do I get a CourtDrive email for ECF notifications?

If you have a CM/ECF filing account (typically owned by attorneys, creditors, and other claim filers), you may select an email on our system for the purpose of adding it to your CM/ECF account as an extra notice recipient.

To select a CourtDrive ECF email, you must first be a subscriber. As a subscriber, when you login, you will be taken to your dashboard. You will see a series of boxes. Click the green "Setup" button for the ECF Emails box as shown below:

Click the button to go to the ECF signup page. On the signup page (below), we provide a default email that you may accept, or you may select a different one if available. Check the "I agree" box and click the Signup button .

That's it! Now that you have associated a CourtDrive ECF email ( to your CourtDrive account, you must add that email to your Court's CM/ECF system. Follow the instructions below for the court of your choice:

Bankruptcy Court Instructions (how to add your CourtDrive ECF email).

District Court Instructions (how to add your CourtDrive ECF email).

Appellate Court Instructions (how to add your CourtDrive ECF email).




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