How to add CourtDrive's ECF email to your Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF Account

Once you've obtained your CourtDrive ECF email, you must add it to your CM/ECF filer account as a secondary email to which NEF notices will be sent.
The following are general instructions applicable to most courts. The menus may differ slightly across jurisdictions. If you need help, please contact
NOTE: For the following courts, you need to email the CM/ECF helpdesk and request them to add the CourtDrive email as an additional notice recipient.
General Instructions:

Log in to your CM/ECF account and follow these steps:

1. Click on "Utilities" from the blue main menu bar and then click "Maintain Your ECF Account" as shown below:
2. Click the Email information button towards the bottom
3. Add secondary email address and reenter to verify (shown below)
(NOTE: You can add more than one email into this box. Hit enter to go to the next line and enter it there as shown below):

4. Check the box that says "Send the notices specified below to the secondary addresses" (shown above)

5. Select the option that says "Send a notice for each filing" (shown above), unless you prefer Daily Summary Report (both work)
6. Click the Return to Account screen button (shown above)
(NOTE: this will not save your information yet - you need to click submit on next step)

7. Click Submit 

8. Click submit again on the next page if necessary (not required in some jurisdictions).

Again, please note that some jurisdictions may be different than others. If you need assistance adding your CourtDrive email to your ECF account with the court, please email




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