What are CaseFolders?

CaseFolders refers to our cloud based storage and organization system for all your case information. Each case is automatically organized into a single folder.

Here are some main points about how our CaseFolders work behind the scenes to  make accessing your case information quick and easy.

  • CaseFolders are automatically created for you as data comes in from various sources. Whether you download a docket or pleading, or whether you receive an ECF email, or both, a CaseFolder is created for you and ALL of your data pertaining to that case will be organized thereafter in that CaseFolder. You can then access the docket and any downloaded files anytime by visiting your CaseFolder for that case.
  • Each CaseFolder relates to only one case. A main bankruptcy case and a related adversary proceeding are organized into separate CaseFolders since they have different dockets and other queries available on PACER.
  • CaseFolders organize ALL case information. In addition to the docket for a given case, the full PACER menu of queries is available through your CaseFolder. This means that once you have a CaseFolder for a case, you never need to do a generic case search to get what you need.You simply need to visit your CaseFolder.
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